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Kanson Electronics is a electronics manufacturer that produces world-class timers right here in the USA. All drilling, plastic injection molding, powder coating and circuit board design & fabrication happens in-house at our Middle Tennessee location. We go the extra mile as an electronics manufacturer by testing, cycling and QC'ing 100% of everything we manufacture. 

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ISSC Kanson Timers

Our online timer catalog includes all the information you need to determine which product is right for you. We provide detailed specifications, wiring information and timing functions for all Kanson ISSC timers.

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ISSC Kanson Sensors

Kanson ISSC Sensors feature a wide range of user-specified voltages and variable timing ranges suitable for any application. Our hand-built sensors are custom manufactured to your exact specifications.

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ISSC Kanson Counters

Our high precision Digital Preset Counters and DC Hour Meter Counters are ideal for  automation and sensing applications, as well as measuring equipment run-time.

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ISSC Kanson Wiring

Kanson Magnetic and Inductive Proximity Switches offer end, left or right sensing for the detection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Applications include speed and movement detection of industrial equipment.

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