Manufacturing Capabilities

All of our manufacturing capabilities for  Kanson’s Electronics and Modor Plastics are injection molding, timers, sensors, motion detectors and electronic assembly are 100% Made in the USA. We are proud to be an American manufacturing company located in Middle Tennessee.

Electronics Capabilities 

Kanson Electronics also specializes in assembling wiring harnesses and contract manufacturing of PC boards, PC board assembly, and many items associated with the electronics industry.

Plastics Capabilities 

Modor Plastics has 10 injection molding machines for thermal plastic resin and 1 injection molding machine for thermal setting resin. Machine tonnage ranges from 35 to 200 tons. These capabilities translate into a maximum shot profile area of about 40 square inches.

In addition to Plastic Injection molding we also perform Custom Screen Printing, Pad Printing, and Custom Hole drilling.


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