Product Category: Inductive Sensors

Kanson Inductive Proximity Sensors Offer:

  • General & Special Purpose
  • Time Delay Relays
  • Fast Timing Cycle Rates
  • Compatible with Mechanical Switches and Solid State Proximity Sensors
  • High Voltage DC Switching


Inductive proximity sensors, or proximity ‘switches’ are suitable for the detection of metallic elements. The inductive sensor operating principle is based on a high frequency oscillator that creates an electromagnetic field within the proximity of the sensor.

The presence of a metallic object (actuator) in the operating area causes a decrease in oscillation amplitude. This decrease occurs when the sensor’s electromagnetic energy is transferred to the actuator by the dissipation effect of Foucault Parasitic currents.

The oscillation amplitude decreases in accordance with the distance between the actuator and sensor. This provides the sensor with analog or digital object positioning information.


Inductive proximity sensors are excellent for any application requiring precision measurement of vibration, temperature, vibration, shock and EMP interference. Inductive proximity sensors can be customized for specific applications such as heavy industrial machinery and recoil-based weapon systems.


The accuracy of the sensor depends on actuator shape and size, as well as the characteristics of the sensor’s metal casing. Proximity sensor casings includes metallic cylindrical, plastic, metallic, rectangular or plastic shot.

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