Product Category: Magnetic Proximity Switches


Kanson Magnetic Proximity Switches Offer:

  • Voltages from 10 to 250 VAC/DC
  • End, left or right sensing
  • Fire-retardant ABS polycarbonate housing
  • NEMA 1, 2, 3, 6, 12, 13, IP67
  • Open or closed output
  • Internal terminal block or factory installed connector


Kanson ISSC Magnetic Proximity Switches and sensors are used to detect the presence of permanent magnets. Magnetic Proximity Switches feature two ferro-magnetic reeds enclosed in an inert gas. When the proximity switch nears a permanent magnet, the reeds are magnetically brought together to create a measurable electrical contact.

This operating principle provides Magnetic Proximity Switches with the ability to detect magnets from any angle, i.e. perpendicular, parallel, rotational travel or nose-to-nose.


Magnetic Proximity Sensors are ideal for speed and movement detection of industrial equipment or any application requiring precise measurement of rotating and/or actuating machinery.


Kanson ISSC Magnetic Proximity Sensors are fully enclosed in impermeable cylindrical or rectangular plastic housing to ensure resistance against corrosion and oxidation. Reed sensors are encased in heavy-duty glass bulbs to protect against dust.

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