Product Category: Voltage Detectors

Kanson Voltage Sensors Offer:

  • Operating speeds from 1,080 to 108,000 ppm
  • Adjustment ranges from 0.02 to 1000 secs
  • Zero, Underspeed & Overspeed Detection
  • User-Selectable Speed Ranges
  • Compatible w/ Competitor OEM Motion Detectors and PLC applications


ISSC Kanson Electronics Voltage Detectors offer adjustable sensitivity for direct and alternating voltage applications. Voltage Detectors are available in three types:

Resistive Sensitive Relay

– Features dual control points. Can be wired for output pick-up at a maximum resistance level of either 3,000 or 30,000 ohms.

Low Resistive Sensitive Relay

– Features single control point. Optional sensitivity adjustment allows resistance level to be set anywhere between 10 and 110 ohms. Ideal for tool or work detection applications requiring low resistance coolant solutions.

Voltage Sensitive Relay

– Amplifies a low DC voltage signal by energizing a mechanical output, enabling the switching of mechanical loads. Type C can be applied directly to the solid state output of instrumentation or logic control equipment to function as a power relay.


Motion Detectors are often used for industrial instrumentation, programmable controllers, oscilloscopes and automation equipment.


Polycarbonate plastic housing or Powder coated steel enclosures available.

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